Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump fires himself

Donald Trump said today he's not a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. 

Too bad.

Granted, "The Donald" was far from politically correct and his unabashed views may have inspired fear and loathing among establishment Republicans and Democrats but that's precisely why a Trump candidacy may well benefit all Americans despite his limited chance of victory.

Like him or not, agree or not, Trump asked some questions that needed to be asked and if he remained in the race he essentially could be more than a "spolier" but rather someone who might help set the agenda for the debate. 

Trump is right to question our inability to control such things as gasoline prices and relationships with other nations that exploit us but give little in return.  His blunt attacks on the status quo may not always be accurate or welcome but probably quite necessary because nobody else is doing it.

Think about it.  Republicans clamor about lower taxes and less government spending but the Bush II administration ran up record defecits and spending.  The GOP hopefuls are essentially locked in an internal battle over who is the most to the right in the party hijacked by extreme special interests.

Democrats are no better.  The mantra of "health care and education" is hollow when you consider that when they had a majority in the Clinton administration that they did nothing substantive about either.  Despite the paucity of accomplishments the mantra continues.

At the end of the day Trump may have had a businessman's epiphany and decided that it's a money losing deal.  Probably true but nonetheless his voice was one that could have provided necessary direction to the national agenda.

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