Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fr. Pfleger pfull of hot air

Fr. Michael Pfleger is an archdiocesan priest in Chicago at odds with his bishop, Francis Cardinal George.

In brief, Cardinal George told Fr. Pleger he wanted him to leave his job as pastor of St. Sabina, a predominantly black Catholic parish on Chicago's south side, to head up St. Leo High School.

Pfleger balked at the reassignment, essentially telling his boss to stuff it.

Cardinal George responded by suspending Pfleger who responded by telling the Cardinal that unless he's reinstated by this weekend, he'll start preaching at other churches.

Say what?  You got it right -- Pfleger issued an ultimatum to Cardinal George. 

Now I am far from being an archconservative Catholic (like fellow blogger Dad29) but, folks, diocesan priests take vows of obedience.  Pfleger is a priest.  Cardinal George is his bishop.   Guess who's going to win this battle?

Pfleger's tantrums make it obvious that Cardinal George probably made the right call in suspending him -- and if Pfleger wants to preach in another church, the Cardinal should call his bluff with the response that he's free to do just that -- as long as it's not in a Catholic church.

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