Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Is there lunacy in the water at the State Capitol?

You have to wonder when you read about how the Senate Judicary Committee on a 3-2 vote put forward a bill that will allow people in Wisconsin to carry concealed weapons without a permit and without any training.  And one wacko from Wausau -- Pam Galloway -- even went so far to say that she wouldn't mind people being able to pack heat in the State Capitol.

Now I'm not opposed to sane concealed carry laws -- ones that require people to have proper training (including refresher training), a background check and periodic licensing.  Our law enforcement officers have to have this and more and may also subject to additional administrative oversight such as not carrying weapons when drinking. Law enforcement agencies from around the state have weighed in with legitimate fears about the mess virtually unrestricted concealed carry could cause.  They're the experts.  Legislators and the governor ought to listen to them.

Yes, there is some merit in the adage that "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns."  But our police chiefs and sheriffs aren't saying that guns should be outlawed but that there should be reasonable restrictions on who should be permitted to clandestinely carry them.  Law enforcement officers must meet strict standards just to carry their weapons out in the open.  Legislators would confirm their insanity if they vote to allow just about anyone to pack heat without any regulation. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, there you go again. Don't let a little thing like the Constitution get in the way of your argument.

Yes, I would prefer a background check and a license. But -- but -- the Constitution doesn't care what I's the boss.

There is a great entrepreneurial opportunity here. Why don't we let private companies issue "permits" that show we've passed a background check and a training course? How about your local sheriff issuing a "Purple Dot" for your license plate or back window that says "I carry, and I have passed a background check and training"?

It is my RIGHT to carry. Huzzah to the legislature...FINALLY!