Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trumped: Obama reveals birth certificate in hopes "The Donald" will go away

President Obama Wednesday took some wind out of Donald Trump's sails when he called the billionaire's bluff and released his birth certificate showing that the president was, after all, born in Hawaii.  Yawn.

Of course the Obama team hopes this will squelch Trump and like-minded people.  My take: it will end that debate and open the door to others.

Trump is the spolier Democrats and Republicans love to hate.  The "birther conspiracy" buffoonery is now sidelined -- as it should be -- and the nation can now focus on other issues and I don't see "The Donald" going away but rather he may just be getting warmed up/

Predictably unpredictable, brash and politically uncorrect Trump could be the spolier who either ruins the election for one candidate or else defines the race for everyone.  Don't sell him short.

Trump's two major talking points -- gasoline prices and a huge trade imbalance with China -- may well resonate with voters feeling the pain of $4+ a gallon gasoline and the loss of American jobs, both to seemingly deaf ears in both major political parties.  What will make life especially uncomfortable for the political elite is that Trump is basically right.  His issues are viable and voters may be swayed by straight talk from a businessman vs. same old, same old from a bunch of political hacks.

Ignoring Trump is something Democrats and Republicans should do at their own peril.  If you don't think an outsider can't get elected president, I have two words for you: Jesse Ventura.

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