Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama: Bush III???

The Republican'ts are gearing up their war machine and mud pie throwers to take on Barack Obama's reelection campaign -- and my guess is that just like Obama's shot at delivering the hope and change he promised, they'll fizzle.

That's because "inside the Beltway" advisers don't have a clue how angry and disillusioned voters are.  They'll overanalyze and miscue the skew but the simple truth is that it's the economy.

You'll recall that in 1992 George H.W. Bush blew a massive post-Desert Storm approval rating.  How?  He was insensitive to the economy (which was a lot better then than now).

Son George W. wasn't much better.  He got us into a bottomless pit of a war, draining our economy and wasting American lives.

So we got Barack Obama, a charismatic speaker but unable to make the leap from charismatic candidate to governance.  High unemployment, rising consumer prices and gasoline topping $4 per gallon hardly qualify as talking points for reelection -- and then there's the fact that Bush's war is now his and we keep wasting American lives in the bottomless pit of middle east conflicts.

Of course there's more ineptness to go around.  After all, Obama couldn't control his own party and the Demo, who had the chance at success, squandered it.  A laudable effort to deal with health care reform wound up with a horrendous law and no real reform (particularly cost containment) at a time when the Obama administration couldn't manage the economy.

The Repulican'ts, of course, will get mired up in Obamacare, the Ryan budget plan to nowhere and whether Obama has a legitimate Hawaiian birth certificate.  They may just do Obama a favor by deflecting attention away from Obama's major economic failures. 

It's not rocket science, folks.  They only need to recite two Ronald Reagan lines:  (1) Are you better off than you were four years ago?; and (2) Isn't it nice to see the gallons add up faster than the dollars?

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