Friday, April 29, 2011

Journal-Sentinel "fact checkers" pants are down

The "fact checkers" at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel created a gaffe of their own today in the story about state supreme court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg's statement: "There are legitimate and widespread anomalies, and widespread questions about the conduct of (the Wisconsin Supreme Court) election, most visibly in Waukesha County, but also in counties around the state."

The newspaper rated Kloppenburg's statement as "barely true" and at the end of the day they may well be right but we're not there yet.  A statewide recount of votes in the Kloppenburg's battle to unseat incumbent justice David Prosser is underway.  The recount process will be the arbiter of whether there were irregularities, widespread or otherwise.  We'll know more when that process is finished.  It isn't and the newspaper shouldn't have jumped the gun.

We can't rate the newspaper's claim "pants on fire" but more appropriately the Journal-Sentinel was caught with its pants down.

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