Monday, April 11, 2011

Fixing Wisconsin's Economy: No Quick Fix, But Possible

Rookie Gov. Scott Walker likes to tout his mantra that "Wisconsin is open for business."  But talk is cheap.

Unfortunately, almost everything the neophyte governor and his cronies have attempted isn't the type of governance that leads to the stable soil for growing good jobs and Wisconsin's economy, according to Chandley McKelvey, a former Wisconsin development secretary, who wrote that a demoralized workforce and an image of political instability doesn't attract the right attention to Wisconsin.  Add to that Walker's efforts to undermine the University of Wisconsin system and it's hard to find a blueprint to grow out economy for long term prosperity. 

The truth is no fix is quick but the result of a deliberate process. Toward the end an educated, stable and prosperous workforce is an asset, not a liability. 

For far too long Wisconsin has sought to cling onto a manufacturing based economy as manufacturing jobs have been drying up around the country.   Yet we have great educational tools at our disposal  but have failed to maximize the possibilities that our educational system should be a partner, not an outsider, in pursuing economic growth,

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