Friday, April 1, 2011

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! What if the Cubbies really did win the World Series?

It's April Fool's Day and since the Kenosha News abandoned its popular front page April Fool's spoof maybe we could think of one of our own.

How about the Cubs winning the World Series?

How powerful would that be?  So powerful that even in a city where "the fix is in" can usually dictate the outcome of things, the one place where it never worked is at Wrigley Field. 

Oh, the Cubbies came close -- like the 2007 and 2008 National League Division Championships -- but what if they took the whole enchilada?  After all, the last time the Cubs played in the World Series was 1908.

I think not.

The Cubs are popular as one of "America's teams" because they are the perennial underdogs, even with stellar players like Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa, Ron Santo, Rick Sutcliffe and that Sandberg guy.

They play in a small park in which nothing's fancy -- that's the way Bleacher Bums like it -- and parking is a joke. 

But it's also the place where the class acts like Banks and Santo and the loyal crowds spurred on by Jack "Hey! Hey!" Brickhouse and Harry "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Caray had fun regardless of the final score.

A Cubs World Series appearance -- and hopefully a victory -- might change all that.  Maybe success would go to their heads and the "friendly confines" would become not so friendly.  Maybe one of the last vestiges of real major league baseball would begin its ultimate decline.

It would be like the coyote ultimately catching the roadrunner or Elmer actually shooting Bugs Bunny.  It could very well be the demise of one of "America's teams."

Maybe a Cubs World Series victory would be the worst thing that could happen.  Just maybe.

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with Cubs fans dreaming the impossible dream.

And there's always next year.

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