Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter Barca for Governor? Don't laugh.

Peter Barca, Kenosha's north side Assemblyman, sure found no honeymoon in his job as the leader of a distant minority in the Wisconsin Assembly.

Barca gained statewide attention for his leadership of the Assemnbly Democrats during the budget repair bill chaos.  Assertive and articulate leadership makes Barca someone to watch -- plus his short stint in Congress is another tick on his resume.

Should Governor Walker be recalled it's a loosely kept secret that former Senator Russ Feingold would like to challenge him in the recall election but Feingold, just bounced out of Washington by Wisconsin voters, may not be the best choice for Democrats.  Besides having just been defeated in a statewide race, Feingold is, well, the guy who Republicans will instantly paint as a liberal.

Barca has the brains but not the baggage and he may be a better choice for Democrats -- plus he's not from Madison or Milwaukee, another plus.  He's clearly someone to watch.

If only he'd return his phone calls.

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