Friday, March 18, 2011

More on Journal Communications and hypocrisy

An anonymous sufferer from rectal-cranial inversion chose to write me about the observations made about the $2 million compensation package laden with fringe benefits paid last year to the CEO of Journal Communications, the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel which, even today, editorialized that public employees should not be allowed to collectively bargain over "benefits."

This jerkoff wrote: "Quit belly-aching about PRIVATE SECTOR pay.  If you don't like it, BUY THEIR STOCK and vote the guy out." 

This goofball misses the point.  It wasn't the pay the CEO received that was at issue.  After all, it's only $752,000 out of two million bucks and some change.  But that's one of the major points -- all the "benefits" and bonuses that nearly tripled the base pay. 

So many people want government to be run like a business and, quite frankly, to the extent it's possible I am one of them.  But when was the last time a government employee received even a fraction of the bonuses, incentives, options and other goodies this CEO got?  Instead the newspaper editorializes that government workers are overpaid compared to the private sector and should have their benefits cut while its corporate parent showers its brass with bennies that government employees would never dream of.

Let's even take a stab at some of that "lavish" government pay.  The state is the biggest public law firm in Wisconsin with hundreds of lawyers yet the top pay -- a level few state attorneys will ever reach -- is less than the starting pay for associates at Foley and Lardner, Wisconsin's largest private law firm, also with hundreds of lawyers.  I guess if we want parity with the private sector, then there are hundreds of state lawyers entitled to some pretty hefty raises.

On the hyprocrisy meter, the Journal-Sentinel maxes out as "disingenuously hypocritical."

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