Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Comment: Open For Business Starts With Quality Education

My wife's first letter to the editor:

Governor Walker says, “This ultimately is about the future of our state.” He’s correct. This fiasco he’s created IS about the future of Wisconsin. Under his plan, the future of our state looks very bleak.

Drastic cuts for schools mean much larger class sizes and major cuts or elimination of programs such as music, theater, sports, advanced placement, etc. – all directly affecting our children. Is this good for Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s SAT scores are second in the nation! There are five states that don’t allow collective bargaining for teachers, all of which are at or near the bottom in SAT scores! Is that what we want for Wisconsin?

People move to Wisconsin for our quality educational system. What will happen with the Governor’s plan? Will people continue to move here when the test scores plummet? Will businesses come to Wisconsin if they are unable to find well-prepared students? Will quality teachers come to Wisconsin for a lower salary? Is this good for the future of Wisconsin?

The longer this fiasco continues, the more divided Wisconsin becomes. This division will last for years to come. Is this good for the future of Wisconsin?

The Governor’s plan and his uncompromising attitude will affect Wisconsin’s future, not positively as he tries to convince us, but in a far-reaching negative way.

I applaud the 14 senators who have put their careers at risk to stand up for what they believe in – a bright future for Wisconsin!

Please consider deeply what kind of future you want for Wisconsin and our children. And while you’re at it, say a prayer for our leaders.

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Dad29 said...

Yup, that Sex Ed stuff will attract all sorts of businesses!