Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing: A Branch of Government

One of my political mentors was Charlie Zollar, shrewd as he was affable and chair of the powerful Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee -- perhaps more accurately the powerful chair of the powerful Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee.

In his Lansing office I once asked the upwardly mobile Charlie if he thought about running for governor. 

"Why the Hell would I want to do that," he bellowed.  "When he wants something he has to come and see me."

Charlie's lesson was that there's more than one branch of government and the executive must work with and get along with the legislative.  (Of course, here in Wisconsin, the judicial branch is in its own world of discord and cow-towing to well-heeled special interests, but that's a story for another day."

In the current budget adjustment bill chaos in Madison Governor Walker has firm allies among the Republicans in the Senate and Assembly to the point where the Fitzgerald bobbleheads who run both houses say that the bill will pass without any amendments.  Wow!  They're right -- Walker's grip on them is so tight that there is no dissent, no individual thinking -- just rote compliance.

That's too bad.  The three branches of government are supposed to serve as checks and balances.  But in present-day Wisconsin we have bobbleheads.


Dad29 said...

Actually, you have unity of objectives, thoughts, and methods.

Walker is NOT that persuasive (see the 4 Pubbies who voted against him in the Assembly).

But his ideas and methods ARE persuasive.

Far more than Bill Kraus', or Doylet's, or TThompson's....

Dad29 said...

I read your post twice.

There's a reason that the TEA Party is in the driver's seat, not the (R)-labeled Party In Government (PIG).