Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OMG! What an election!!

Today was not a good day to be an incumbent in Kenosha County.

Five incumbent county supervisors got the boot from voters: Anita Faraone, Mark Modory, Roger Johnson, Jennifer Jackson and Jim Moore.  Erin Decker, a Republican activist, beat Johnson by just three votes.  Expect a recount there.

Kenosha County GOP Chair Kathy Carpenter, a fellow blogger, lost her nonpartisan bid to be reelected to the Kenosha Common Council.  Katherine Marks, who tried to retire from the council but announced as a write-in candidate when nobody filed for the seat, won re-election.

Incumbent Kenosha Unified School Board member David Fountain lost to David Gallo.  Rebecca Stevens won re-election over challenger Robert Nuzzo.  Fountain was on the board when it voted to invest taxpayer money in now nearly worthless investments.  He, like Stevens, voted to hire Michele Hancock as the new superintendent without fulling vetting Hancock's background.

Some good public servants were booted out today.  This may be a sign of what's to come this fall when state and national races are on the ballot.  Perhaps the so-called "silent majority" has just been awaken.

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Todd said...

Was reading the k-news this morning and was disappointed to see Ms. Carpenter saying she lost an election because she is a republican and the unions wanted her out. Does she know this is a non partisan office? Do unions really have that much pull? NO !!!
You are fooling yourself if you think your performance on the council was not judged by how you represent the people you are supposed to represent, thus she is no longer on the council. Excuses are for people who do not want to deal with facts. A more appropiate way to deal with a lose is to congratulate your opponent and move on to your next endeavor but please stay involved with the process.