Friday, April 2, 2010

Maybe a dart isn't enough

The Kenosha News each Sunday devotes its editorial to a series of "laurels and darts" (I like to call them bear hugs and moose droppings) and just last month printed this one:

DART — To the Kenosha Unified School Board, for delaying the announcement of its choice for superintendent. The board was very forthcoming in announcing the selection of three finalists and it narrowing of the field to two final candidates. Unfortunately, after meeting this week to select a candidate of choice, the board got very quiet. At a time in which government bodies from school boards to Congress are being criticized for a lack of transparency, our board decides not to makes its choice public to allow attorneys to begin initial contract discussions and ensure those talks will go well. There is keen interest in this community about who will become the leader of Kenosha Unified. Delaying an announcement to ensure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed was a poor decision by the board. Fortunately for the voters in the school district, the Kenosha News was able to confirm negotiations have begun with Michele Hancock of Rochester, NY.

So, folks, while the newspaper justifiably complained about the school board's secrecy in the superintendent selection process, what of its own lack of due diligence?  Over the past week or so readers here have learned of a series of potential "red flags" surrounding the school board's choice.  The newspaper is aware of them.  It has chosen to do nothing with this information.

Nothing as in not reporting a word.  Nothing as in not doing its own investigation.  Nothing as in not questioning the school board candidates for next week's election about their take on this situation.  Nothing as in not questioning the present seven school board members over their lack of due diligence.  Nothing as in not questioning why the headhunter firm, Ray and Associates, hired by the school board failed to find out this information which is in the public domain.  Nothing as in not questioning the board members who went to Rochester about why they didn't have this information -- or did they and chose not to share it?  Nothing as in not questioning Hancock so that she can tell her side of the story. 

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Darts?  Nah.  Maybe the school board and the newspaper are candidates for Patriot missiles.

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