Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kenosha News no longer published in Kenosha?

Yep. Starting August 26, 2009 the Kenosha News will no longer be published in Kenosha.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel scored a five-year contract to print the Kenosha News which will be giving the boot to 53 employees, 13 of them full-time.

This news is a dark day for the Kenosha News which has been in a steady decline for a few years, shrinking both the size of the paper and the contents of local news stories.

This is a far cry from the days when one could walk down 58th Street in downtown Kenosha and look inside a large window to see the Goss press "that prints your Kenosha Evening News."

That press was decomissioned several years ago with printing and distribution moved to an addition.

The newspaper gave some stock excuse for sticking it to its staff. Regardless of whether the reason is valid, the news is sad and disgusting.