Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you think Doyle and the Democrats are doing a good job of running Wisconsin?

It's a fair question in light of Doyle's predicted $6.2 billion budget shortfall.

Yep, times are tough but catch this little blurb from Oklahoma and then ask yourself the headline question:

OKLAHOMA CITY -– State Treasurer Scott Meacham on Thursday announced a budget shortfall for the current fiscal year.As a result, state agencies will have to cut their budgets by 1.42 percent for June.Meacham said he does not think the public will notice the cutbacks.The last allocation to state agencies is set to go out next week. The amount, $480 million, will be reduced by $6.8 million, Meacham said.The agency cuts amount to a 0.1 percent reduction for all of fiscal year 2009, which ends June 30."Since January, we have been cautioning that this scenario could occur as Oklahoma experiences the effects of the recession," Meacham said. "Unfortunately, a revenue shortfall has now occurred and we are forced to make small, across-the-board cuts."The state's last budget shortfall occurred in fiscal year 2003.

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