Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pleasant Prairie: Thanks for keeping Clyde on your side

In the only contested village race:

Pleasant Prairie Trustee
5 Polls Reporting out of 5

Clyde R. Allen -- 1163 (55.73%)
John Roscioli -- 913 (43.75%)
Write-in -- 11 (0.53%)

Congrats to Clyde, Sue. Ray and John and Colleen Braig. Staying on the high road was the right thing.

Clyde's totals beat his first run two years ago against incumbent Jeff Lauer in which Clyde received 53.46% of the vote.

And best wishes also to John Roscioli for his service to the village. There's still work to be done to reform the composition of the Kenosha Unified School District Board and John may well be part of the answer.

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