Thursday, April 9, 2009

Minnesota: The rule of law should prevail

For some unknown reason I'm on the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee's mailing list.

As such I got yet another E-mail urging me to contact Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) to encourage him to give up his election recount challenge and let challenger Al Franken (D) be seated as Coleman's successor.

There are several problems with this request but I'll cut to the chase.

First, I know Norm. When he wants or needs my advice, he knows where to find me.

More important, though, is that there is a legal process in Minnesota that may be taking longer than most folks would like but it's Minnesota's legal process.

The Democrats bang up on Norm over his challenge but he is following due process of law. That is takes Minnesota so long to count and recount ballots is the state's problem, not Norm's, and he shouldn't be pilloried for exercising his due process rights. If we take them away from Norm they can be taken away from anyone.

Does Minnesota need to clean up its act and have a more efficient and accurate method of counting ballots? You betcha.

Is Norm Coleman to blame? Nope.

As for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and their cohorts, chill out. There may well be a good shot that Franken is seated as Minnesota's other senator but it should happen, if at all, pursuant to the rule of law, not the whim of any political operation.

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Rich said...

Pillory. That's a big word. But used in one of my favorite quotes:

"We must be intolerant of delay. We must tear our way through red tape. We must pillory bureaucrats who stupidly sacrifice time in the pursuit of an impossible perfection. - Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy