Friday, April 3, 2009

Kenosha News endorses Zievers for judge

The Kenosha News endorsement of Fred Zievers for Circuit Court judge sums up the dilemma facing many voters: two fine people but only one can be elected this time around.

I've been reluctant to make any endorsement. I've known Fred and Chad and their families for a very long time. I must say that I haven't been swayed either way by the litany of letters to the newspaper written on behalf of each.

I'm also somewhat amused that two men who have spent most of their careers as criminal defense attorneys seem to have rediscovered their prior service as prosecutors now that they're judicial candidates.

Oh well, we all know nobody gets elected judge by promising to be soft on criminals.

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KJ said...

Simply because someone is a defense attorney does not mean that he or she cannot be a good judge.

What does determine whether someone will be a good judge is the amount and quality of his or her legal experience. Fred Zievers wins hands down in that regard, and 80+ attorneys, five retired and current circuit court judges, the D.A., the Wisconsin Troopers Association, and numerous other people and organizations agree.

But back to experience: it is clear that only Zievers, a fine, competent and able jurist, has the requisite experience and qualifications for this judicial post.