Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill? Stop the presses!!!

Norm Coleman will appeal a three-judge panel's ruling in Minnesota that Al Franken is the winner of the Minnesota election for U.S. Senate.

A lawyer for Republican Coleman announced Tuesday that he would appeal Monday's lower court ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court within the allotted 10 days.

The panel had ruled that Democrat Franken won a 312-vote victory and rejected Coleman's arguments that errors or irregularities in the vote counting had violated equal protection standards.

Franken urged Coleman "to allow me to get to work for the people of Minnesota as soon as possible" in remarks to reporters on Monday evening.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, though, said that Coleman was entitled to take his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court before the state's Republican governor, Tim Pawlenty, certifies the election.

Harry Reid is right -- the rule of law should prevail. But apparently that message hasn't filtered down to his Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC).

Twice this week I've received "invitations" from the DSCC to sign a petition urging Coleman to give up his challenge. Apparently J.B. Poresch, the DSCC flak, hadn't read what Harry Reid said.

The chances for a Coleman victory admittedly are dim but those who blame him for undertaking a lawful challenge thumb their nose at our very constitutional system and the rule of law.

If there's any blame it should fall squarely on Minnesota election officials and courts that have taken so long to resolve this dispute but no American should ever attack another American for exercising due process of law. If we allow that, the danger is farvgreater than whether Minnesota temporarily has only one vote in the U.S. Senate.

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