Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wrong Idea and The Right Idea

Gov. James E. Doyle, jr. , a master of doublespeak, says the state's broke and then wants to impose a mandate on law enforcement to track racial data of people stopped by police.

Being concerned about racial profiling isn't a bad notion but at a time when the state's finances are strapped it sure is way down on the list of priorities for government spending.

In the midst of Doyle's folly is some good news which comes from one of our local police officers who made an interesting and cogent observation.

"I don't know how I can honestly do this," he said. "How do I know what someone's racial background is? And, frankly, it's never mattered to me."

The officer went on to note that so many people in our community have diverse backgrounds and it's often hard to be sure.

That's a great attitude -- the way things should be. The officer deserves a bear hug. As for Doyle, a pile of moose droppings.

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