Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pleasant Prairie: Keep Clyde on your side

The two newcomers on the Pleasant Prairie village board -- Clyde Allen and Monical Yuhas -- are up for reelection next month. Yuhas is unopposed while John Roscioli is taking on Allen.

For me, it's an easy call: Clyde Allen, whom I supported two years ago, gets my support again (as does Monica Yuhas).

Clyde and Monica have worked hard to learn their jobs and they have demonstrated that they can, when necessary, break rank with the three veteran board members. Clyde has extensive experience in local government finance which was in short supply among trustees. He's been willing to listen to ideas, weigh them and make reasoned decisions (of which I haven't always agreed).

The contributions made by Clyde and Monica over the past two years are in stark contrast to the bombastic antics of the trustees they replaced, Alex Tiahnybok and Jeff Lauer. That's not to say that Lauer and Tiahnybok were always wrong -- they weren't -- but they played the "victim card" too often and failed to get serious about the business of governing. By contrast, Clyde and Monica have demonstrated a rational, mature approach to their responsibilities. They still have things to learn, of course, but I think they've earned the opportunity to do so.

This brings me to John Roscioli, a fine young man making his first bid for public office.

John serves on the village recreation commission and is a member of the Kenosha Convention and Visitors Bureau. He's spoken on quite a few occasions at village board meetings and very well may be a rising star.

It's unclear why Roscioli is running for village trustee. Several times I've looked at his campaign blog and have yet to come away with a clear (or even unclear) sense of why he's running for village trustee at this time. Frankly (and it's hard to say this because I like John), if you don't have and articulate a clear sense of your candidacy when you become a candidate, it's a little late to even attempt to do so less than three weeks before the election.

That said John may be in the race to get his name before the voters which isn't all that uncommon for rising stars and those that want to be. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that. Likewise questioning why a candidate is seeking public office isn't the same as saying or implying that he or she has no business doing so. Those who would say that impugn our constitutional democracy.

As a friend and supporter of Clyde's I am admittedly somewhat biased in his favor. It would take a lot to get me to change my mind and I would be foolish and disingenuous to conceal that. I obviously hope Clyde is reelected.

I also hope that John continues his involvement in village affairs and develops and hones his message as to why he wants to be a village trustee. He may do well to look at Clyde's first campaign where some noteworthy goals were clearly articulated. In this campaign Clyde built on those goals to demonstrate how he's met or exceeded them. Hopefully John will do the same should be decide to stay politcally active.


Villager said...

Doesn't Roscioli have ties to the Madrigrano family? I ask because I read his blog and he says something about opposing alcohol at Pleasant Prairie Family Days. If I recall correctly, the Madrigranos made their money as beer distributors. Sounds a little odd.

I agree after reading his blog that I'm not sure what he stands for or why he wants to be on the board. I also read Allen's web site and nowhere does he attack Roscioli. I agree -- maybe he's just running to get his name out there for something in the future.

RAG said...

I also know the Madrigrano family as does the rest of my family. I don't think any familial connection with that family has anything to do with whether there should be beer at Family Days. I don't mind the question being raised so long as it's done above the belt. Thanks for keeping this on the high road.