Monday, March 23, 2009

No wonder why the state is broke!

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation spent $1.4 million to buy out an "adult" video store in order to make way for the US41 reconstruction project.

That's FOUR TIMES the assessed value of the porn palace.

In the past seven years the state lost 75% of its young prosecutors because of low pay -- often less than their secretaries and the police officers they work with. Gov. Doyle says the state doesn't have the money to pay them a fair salary. He also refuses to hire the 120 or so additional prosecutors that his very own staff says the state needs. But he can shell out $1.4 million for a porn shop.

At that price it makes one wonder if the DOT honchos got to keep any of the merchandise.


Village People said...

Here's more: 7214 52nd Avenue. Assessed at $187,000; state paid nearly $1.6MM.

Rich P said...

7214 52nd Avenue. This can't be the right parcel. This address seems to be a residential duplex near Jeffrey Motors.