Sunday, March 22, 2009

MYOB, Cardinal George

Francis Cardinal George, the Archbishop of Chicago, has called on the federal government to halt immigration raids.

The plea was part of an overall demand that Congress come up with comprehensive immigration reform.

I've written before about the confusing incosistency of our immigration laws and their haphazard enforcement. I've also said the enforcement should not be utilized as mechanism of prejudice.

But the government has the authority and duty to enforce its laws. That people have chosen to widely to disobey them doesn't mean that they shouldn't be enforced.

Is the Obama administration telling Cardinal George how to run his diocese? Of course not. The good cardinal should follow suit.

Like the sign inside the old Shakey's said: "Shakey's made a deal with the bank. The bank doesn't make pizza and Shakey's doesn't cash checks."

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Anonymous said...


Amen, brother. What ever happened to "render unto Caesar"? What is this, the Cardinal saying "One law for me, another for thee"?

Ah, the memories of Shakey's. Sure do miss the banjo and player piano.