Sunday, March 22, 2009

KUSD: Throw (most of) the bums out!

The primary election results spoke volumes.

Three incumbents -- Eric Olson, Pam Stevens and Marc Hujik -- are trying to keep their seats on the Kenosha Unified School Board.

In the primary vote last month, only Stevens finished in the top three. The occasionally caustic Olson and Hujik, a financial consultant who sidesteps admitting blame for the district's financial mess, came in, respectively, fourth and fifth.

The top vote getter was Carl Bryan, a teenager who recently graduated from Bradford High School.

By the way the incumbents have spoken since the primary you'd think they didn't get the significance of that vote.

In plain English, the voters are upset. This school board not only made an ill-advised risky investment, they actually borrowed money to do it! Kind of like asking taxpayers for a loan so that the board can go to Vegas and shoot craps.

And Hujik? He's the guy who advertises his financial planning services on the radio. You'd think he'd be looking out for taxpayers.

I'll probably vote for Stevens because some continuity may be necessary but as for the remaining incumbents the choice is clear and simple: Throw the bums out!

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