Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whither thou goest Kenosha County GOP?

Recently the Kenosha County Republican Party has shown an upsurge in participation but something is certainly wrong this year.

Not one GOP candidate appeared on the ballot for county office. Not one.

The Assembly seat being vacated by County Executive Jim Kreuser will be picked up by his predecessor, Peter Barca, who will have no Republican opposition in the fall.

The GOP is fielding Ben Bakke against incumbent State Senator Bob Wirch while former Pleasant Prairie trustee Alex Tiahnybok renews his ongoing grudge match against John Steinbrink, sr., this time challenging Steinbrink's bid for re-election as state representative.

Of particular note, however, was the absence of a Republican candidate for county clerk where Mary Schuch-Krebs won a five-way Democratic primary to succeed retiring Edna Highland. It's too bad the GOP sat this one out.

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Anonymous said...

.Recent GOP lists included GOP stalwarts like Mike Serpe, Steve Kumorkiewicz, and others like Dick Ginkowski self proclaimed Main Street Republican. Those fine gentlemen could have fielded a nice strike force.
BTW, welcome back. Lack of your input for the fall elections would have left us all longing.....