Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Say what? Shooting a moose without a permit is worse than child abuse? You can't make this stuff up.

No sane person could believe this.

Earlier I posted the letter from Col. Julia Grimes, then director of the Alaska State Troopers, reaming out Gov. Sarah Palin's ex-brother-in-law, a rogue trooper, for using a taser on his ten-year-old stepson, shooting a moose without a proper permit and drinking beer on duty in his marked patrol car. Check it out.

Well, today I was discussing the letter with some friends when one caught something I'd overlooked which sent me even further into orbit. This is too weird to be made up, folks.

Col. Grimes wrote: "The use of your department issued Taser on a ten-year-old child, your stepson, Payton, demonstrated extremely poor judgment and a conscience (sic) choice you made to violate the department's standards of conduct." She goes on to deplore this violation in no uncertain terms: "This is unacceptable. Your lapse of proper judgment and unacceptable conduct is very serious in nature and on its own this matter warrants corrective action."

Tough -- and very appropriate -- language. Col. Grimes even wrote about how such an act would even diminish the child's view of state troopers and what is acceptable conduct for law enforcement. Before you scream, "Right on, Julia!" you ought to read what follows when she turns to shooting a moose without a proper permit. I mean CAREFULLY read it.

Col. Grimes starts out by saying, "The issue of the wildlife violation has even deeper ramifications."

Say what? Shooting a moose without a proper permit is worse than what amounts to a very aggravated act of child abuse?

It gets worse.

After tearing the vagabond trooper a new rectum for the Taser incident, unlawfully shooting a moose and drinking beer on duty, in uniform and in his marked patrol car, Col. Grimes recounts the seven warnings previously given and concludes: "The events and behavior sustained during this administrative investigation not only brings discredit to the department by having a trooper violate law, but also documents a continued course of conduct rife with poor judgment and violation of policy. It is nearly certain that a civilian investigated under similar circumstances would have received criminal sanctions. These events are unacceptable, constitute a gross deviation from our department's standards and will not be tolerated."

Hold on before you let out that cheer, folks, because this is what she wrote next: "Based on the totality of this review and your past history, you will be suspended for ten working days."

Say what? A ten-day suspension for all that? Is your head spinning?

Hold on, folks, it gets worse. That suspension was later reduced to five days. I've seen police officers canned for a lot less than this -- and rightfully so.

Frankly, I don't give a rat's behind if Gov. Palin was trying to get this moron fired. No sane, intelligent person with an ounce of morals would tolerate this mope with a badge and a gun, period.

And as for Col. Grimes, thankfully she's no longer the director. Shooting a moose without a proper permit "has even deeper ramifications" than child abuse with a weapon? What planet did she come from?

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