Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A hat tip tp Jim Huff

Jim Huff, a county board supervisor and former Kenosha police officer, may not have won the Democratic primary for state assembly but he certainly earned respect.

Former state representative Peter Barca entered the race at the very last minute and demonstrated a well-organized campaign that won him the nomination and, as there is no Republican opposition, effectively the seat as well.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jim was outgunned by a more experienced and better financed candidate. Still, you have to give Jim credit for entering the fray early on and sticking with it against the odds.

Jim Huff may not have earned enough votes but certainly he has earned a measure of respect.


Village People said...

So why didn't you run?

Peter said...

If he's like most of us, we don't care to go through the media anal exam if we are on the wrong side of the issues or subject our families to the abuse they would receive from the Drive By Media.

I was approached in 2006 torun for school board where I live and declined for those reasons. I didn't care to have the teachers union thugs, the defenders of the status quo and other leftwing hacks snooping through every piece of my history.

The liberal slime machine has destroyed the concept of public service. Unless you agree with them politically.