Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bear hugs for Craig Swanson

Bear hugs to Kenosha News editor Craig Swanson for finally giving ghost editorial writer Dale McFeatters a photo and byline.

McFeatters is an editorial writer for Scripps-Howard newspapers which sells his work to other newspapers, including the Kenosha News.

Our local newspaper has been using McFeatters' work product but without any attribution, creating the impression that the Kenosha News was responsible for the content.

Swanson demonstrated a good streak of journalistic integrity by bringing McFeatters out of the closet. It was a smart move (especially since McFeatters' work looks more like commentaries than editorials) and we can only hope the trend will continue.

A whole forest of moose droppings to Steve Lund, the Kenosha News editorial guru who floats the idea that former county executive Allan Kehl should be required, if convicted of federal campaign corruption allegations, to make restitution for the cost of the special election to fill his vacancy. Regardless of any legal impediments to this idea, Lund glosses over the fact that the Kenosha News called for Kehl to step aside. On that basis maybe the Kenosha News should pay the cost of the special election!

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