Saturday, April 5, 2008

The wrong way to go about the right thing

The Kenosha News had an interesting story -- accompanied by the obligatory smiling photograph -- of a meeting between Keith Bosman, Kenosha’s mayor-elect, Acting County Executive Mark Wisnefski and Terry W. Rose, outgoing county board chairman.

The theme of the story -- getting intergovernmental cooperation off to the right start -- is laudable until you realize that the county’s second largest municipality was conspicuous by its absence.

With nearly 20,000 residents, the Lakeview Corporate Park and Prime Outlets plus a WEPCO power generating plant, you’d think Pleasant Prairie is a long ways from being seated at the kid’s table.

Apparently not.

It’s a good idea for the city to develop good working relationships with the county and its metropolitan neighbors. Pleasant Prairie and the Town of Somers belonged at that meeting. Metropolitan problems demand metropolitan cooperation toward metropolitan solutions.

Instead of congratulating Bosman, Wisnefski and Rose I say shame on them. This type of insult is ignorant, inexcusable and should never happen again.

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