Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pleasant Prairie School District would face uphill battle to be approved

Mike Renner forwarded this information which shows it's extremely difficult, as a practical matter, to create a new school district in Wisconsin.

This suggests that legislative change may be in order which would be an interesting undertaking for State Representative John P. Steinbrink, sr., who is also the village president.


Village People said...

Laws can be changed. Don't underestimate the power of Pleasant Prairie!!!!! Look at the TIF law they were just successful in changing. Look at the use of Lake Michigan water diversion. Nothing is too big for this Village.

new neighbor said...

I truly believe that if the numbers prove that the Village would get more bang for the buck, and a study was done to prove it, then eventually the Village residents and the board would see the light and take steps to make it happen.

The contrary is also true, if a study proves that the Village is better off in KUSD then the board and residents can take some pride in having found out for sure.

But, I may be wrong. I often am.