Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kumorkiewicz tops Serpe in Pleasant Prairie voting

Incumbent Pleasant Prairie trustee Steve Kumorkiewicz garnered 1301 votes, 15 more than fellow incumbent Michael Serpe.

Interesting that for all the griping and sniping from dissident factions in the village, Serpe and Kumorkiewicz had no opposition.


PleasantPrairieWI said...

There was an election in Pleasant Prairie?

Congratulations to Steve Kumorkiewicz and Mike Serpe in their 'hard fought' election. I am sure they will find great comfort (and mandate) in their successes.

Is it surprize to anyone that no one ran against them?

The Good Ole Boys have given ANY potential candidate cause for pause.

Not everyone is ready to spend $20K in combined spending to run for local office like this.

Citizens should wonder why they DID.

By the way, 63 write ins against both of them. Sounds way above the norm.

Village People said...

Congratulations to both. It was a hard fought campaign and they won (OK, i'm being facetious). What I don't understand is why they had to spend money on even one sign?

Just think of the money that was saved without having to resort to PACs. Hopefully, those who contributed to PACs in the past will contribute those monies to help out in the community or elsewhere. Would pay for a few cop cams for one.

RAG said...

Interesting that the above comment comes from someone who at one time did challege "the establishment" and won!