Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kenosha voters reject Moran's negative campaigning

Keith Bosman scored 69% of the vote to win election as Kenosha's next mayor. It was a stunning defeat of former mayor Pat Moran who ran a negative and bitter campaign.

Moran raised a few good issues, such as public safety, but his pledge of a "new direction" was correctly perceived as going backward plus his mudslinging got to be too much.

Bosman would do well to pay attention to the legitimate concerns Moran raised. And Kenosha voters deserve kudos for rejecting negative politics of the past.

Bosman has every right to celebrate. Moran should be ashamed of himself.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that at the end, the campaign turned more negative than it needed to be... you are missing an important point. One that as a self-proclaimed Republican you should recognize. Keith Bosman was supported by the Kenosha DEMOCRATIC PARTY machine of Labor, Big Government, and Media. Bosman didn't have to go negative on Moran as the Kenosha News did a good enough job for him. Other surrogates circulated very offensive and personal rumors and letters to supporters while Bosman enjoyed the advantage of appearing "above the fray" on these issues. Kathy Carpenter, Dave Bogdala, and Anthony Nudo were at least able to enjoy important victories, as well as Ald Casey keeping his seat. Perhaps we will start to see a slow move toward a more fiscally conservative city government in time, but make no mistake about it... overall the DEMS won this one, and if you are a conservative or a republican as you state in your profile, you need to be aware of that.

RAG said...

Yes, it's been difficult to keep partisans out of nonpartisan elections but the most egregious example probably is the inexcusable intrusion of the Kenosha County Republican Party into the Pleasant Prairie village board elections.