Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kenosha Unified School Board doesn't have exclusive rights to stupidity

Just when it's looking like the Kenosha Unified School Board's shady financial dealings are the peak of ignorance, the Bradley Center Board in Milwaukee was on the fast track to overtake it.


Well, the Bradley Center Board came up with an idea to sell naming rights to the Bradley Center. This seems a bit odd if only because the Bradley Center already has a name.

In fact, the Bradley Center was so named because it was funded by a $90 million gift from the late Jane Bradley Pettit in honor of her father, Harry Lynde Bradley.

But the center's board was looking at ways to make some additional revenue and selling the facility's name was at the top of the list. That was until Mr. Bradley's grandchilden spoke up and correctly pointed out the offensiveness of doing that which prompted the board to drop the plan.

Slut a bunch of wheezeballs!

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