Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kehl plea bargain shows wrong priorities

The Kenosha News is reported that former Kenosha County Executive Allan Kehl has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to receive improper payments, and, in exchange, the United States attorney has agreed to recommend a two-year prison sentence.

The maximum prison term for the charge is five years.

In the plea agreement filed today, Kehl admitted to wrongfully receiving $15,000 in cash from Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha -- $10,000 in 2005 while at Troha’s office and $5,000 in 2006 while the two stood in Troha’s garage.

Folks, I think Kehl, if this is true, deserves punishment but two years in prison punishes the taxpayers more than it does Kehl.

There are violent criminals who do far less time than someone with no prior criminal history.

I believe a short jail stint as an object lesson is appropriate for Kehl coupled with probation and a very significant fine.

Further, it's amazing that the ringleader, Dennis Troha, never spent a day in jail.

This whole thing is a black mark on Kenosha but putting Kehl in a "Club Fed" for two years is a horrible and stupid waste of resources.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Allan Kehl should be punished and a two year prison term is not the answer.
While Kehl did posture for the plea but proclaiming his innocence, he truly betrayed the public trust and is a black eye for all politicians, and severe punishment is warranted.
I would think the following would be a very solid solution to the situation and benefit the taxpayers whom he betrayed:
1) Explain the discrepancy between the $20k & $15k he allegedly took. We all know the rumors but they are just that. If it was a family member who received the other $5k, they should be dealt with swiftly.
2) No prison time for three reasons.
Please here me out before jumping to conclusions. First, there is the overcrowding issue. Second, it will cost the taxpayers for his incarceration, just like any other prisoner. Third, Kehl will require some special attention and treatment, with him being a former law enforcement officer.
3) Kehl should receive a very substantial fine.
4) Kehl’s state retirement pension should be reduced by 50% (his spouse is entitled to her portion) with the reduction in pension amount being combined with the substantial fine. This would be done regardless of how he elects to receive his pension (lump sum or monthly).
The fine and his portion of the pension should go directly toward reducing the protective services budget. The taxpayers get a miniscule break (more of a satisfaction thing) and Kehl will not have anywhere near the quality of life he would have. The question begs to be asked: How corrupt (if he was) was he while serving as our sheriff?
Along with the above he should be subject to an annual audit so those he was in bed with don’t help subsidize his income. He maintains the little dignity he has left while suffering with a lower standard of living in his (tarnished)golden years.

Village People said...

Troha should pay for special election since his money supposedly can do more 'good' in the County.