Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Archbishop Dolan to stay -- for now

Milwaukee's public relations savvy Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is one of a half-dozen names being tossed out as the next Archbishop of New York but Dolan himself is playing down the reports, saying he'd rather be watching the Brewers at Miller Park.

Dolan has connections to Rome, is publicly charismatic and has a way with people that could earn him millions if he ever left the priesthood for a corporate career. While he says he's staying in Milwaukee, I'd qualify that with the disclaimer "for now."

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Dad29 said...

His remarks were a "non-denial," but I tend to agree with you that Dolan is not going to NYC.

Among other things, Egan could remain active for another year or two--many "over-75s" have done so.

A lot of this is coming from NYC priests who just don't like the idea of actually being Catholic.