Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer's hypocrisy exposes ours

Elliot Spitzer's penchant for exorbitantly priced call-girls contrasted with his previous hard-nose crusade against prostitution brought down the New York governor who resigned yesterday.

More than a few people were beating their chests and banging the drums over Spitzer's hypocrisy and most didn't cry many tears at his departure.

But is Spitzer the only hypocrite in the crowd?

The news media salivated over the story which got its start as an IRS suspicious money transfer investigation. They hunted down the details and uncovered the young woman who was on the other end of the deal. She was working for an elite escort agency.

The titillation didn't just extend to the media. "Pretty Woman" was a pretty popular movie. So have other films and books dealing with "The World's Oldest Profession."

If you think about it, "The World's Oldest Profession" got to be so old because society has a duplicid attitude much like the police commander in "Casablanca" who was "shocked" to discover gambling at Rick's while simultaneously he was collecting his own chips.

This is not an endorsement of prostitution but simply a reminder that hypocrisy extends well beyond the governor's office in Albany.

Perhaps our neighbors north of the 49th parallel have a more realistic and honest approach.

In Canada, private acts between consenting adults are not considered the government's business. There are three operative concepts here: (1) adults, (2) consent and (3) private. So, in Canada, while prostitution isn't illegal, solicitation is. So is pimping, sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking. In other words, those crimes that truly do shock the public's morals and endanger the community are pursued. You can't hustle on the street, have sex with a minor, enslave for sexual purposes or be a pimp.

Perhaps Canada struck an appropriate balance of conscience, morals and the wise use of law enforcement resources. More important, the Canadians aren't as hypocritical.


Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhhh...yah, but Spitzer was taken down on money-laundering, not on "john" charges (except for the possible Mann Act violation).

Village People said...

Need to do like Sweden and make buying prostitution illegal, not selling.