Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smoking restrictions may be snuffed out

The Wisconsin Legislature will likely adjourn for the year today with no action taken on proposed legislation to restrict smoking in public places, including taverns.

Governor James E. Doyle, jr., said that without the law Wisconsin would become "the ashtray of the midwest" because of stricter laws in our neighboring states.

The big hangup is when to ban smoking in bars with the powerful Tavern League lobby opposing immediate implementation.

I'm one of the world's staunchest smoking opponents but, geez, why hold this very valuable law hostage over this one point?

If Doyle really wants the law passed, he'll reach a compromise with the Tavern League interests and phase in the restrictions.

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Dad29 said...


Doyle is just as doctrinaire as Spitzer, but less obnoxious (although it's hard for us to think of DarthDoyle as "less" obnoxious...)

He will NOT compromise on almost anything.