Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looks like Chief Flynn's honeymoon is short-lived

Ed Flynn, Milwaukee's new police chief, had been doing lots of things the "right way" but has now stumbled into a "no win" situation which promises to end his brief honeymoon with the press and public.

According to Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Dan Bice, the new chief's undies got into a bundle because he didn't see a 67-page report on voting irregularities in 2004 -- long before Flynn ever set foot inside the Milwaukee Police Department -- until a few hours before it was disseminated.

Mayor Tom Barrett is probably even more peeved because he didn't get a "heads up" at all.

Flynn's angst is understandable. A controversial report left the building without his involvement. Perhaps it was intentional as some might fear that it would be silenced or adulterated if politicians got to play with it first.

So Flynn is now cooking up a witch hunt within the police department to find out who's responsible. That's also understandable.

But at the end of the day the people who pay the taxes that enable the city treasurer to sign Flynn's check probably would prefer that he spend his time and the department's manpower fighting crime in the city which, after all, is the precise reason he was hired.


Dad29 said...

I'm sympathetic to Flynn; he is owed a look at major reports before they go public.

More interesting will be what he actually SAYS at today's Flogging-the-Gun-Makers rally with Tommy the Tuna.

krshorewood said...

"Before the politicians got to see it"?????

Excuse me. Wasn't this report created by politicians?