Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kudos (so far) to Scott Walker and Lena Taylor

This spring election is enough to make anyone sick.

I'd like to vote none of the above in the State Supreme Court race. The egregious mudslinging is reminiscent of two prostitutes arguing over which is the bigger whore. Both Louis Butler and Michael Gableman have distorted issues and their records. Still, Butler is too far left for my liking although I would prefer a more centrist alternative. The special interests trying to buy the election have ulterior motives beyond which candidate is tougher on crime and we should all be alert about that.

On the flip side, there's the county executive race in Milwaukee.

I'm no Scott Walker fan. No secret there. I think he's not done enough to reverse the mammoth degeneration of Milwaukee County's infrastructure. "No tax increase" is a great slogan but so is "Do you want a $50 filling now or a $500 crown later?" There are too many crowns needed now and no money to pay for them because of this neglect.

Nonetheless, Lena Taylor, a state legislator, hasn't shown enough to convince me that she's the better candidate but she's right to raise questions about the county's declining infrastructure.

The good news, so far, is that both Walker and Taylor have campaigned respectfully -- and even with a little bit of humor. It's easy to curse the darkness over the sick advertising many candidates are resorting to these days but Walker and Taylor both deserve praise for keeping it above the belt.

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Dad29 said...

Agreed that now and then one must spend money--especially on maintenance.

The argument in Mke County is over "who's in charge"--the union-labor payroll padders or actual management.