Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary whoops butt

Hillary Rodham Clinton's primary victories in Ohio and Texas were indeed necessary, not just for the Democratic party, but the nation.

Opponent Barack Obama's eleven wins in a row seemed to gain a momentum that overshadowed his lack of experience, empty track record and hollow speeches that promise vague "change" but are devoid of substance.

Thankfully, Mrs. Clinton and Ohio and Texas voters at least put a temporary pause in the psychotic mob fever that seemed Hell-bent on elevating the made-for-TV airhead on the fast track for an office for which he is utterly unqualified.

While I am far from a Hillary supporter, she did the country a favor by calling this arrogant southbound end of a northbound horse out over his lack of experience and groundless promises. At least for a moment the nation has a moment to stop before drinking from the well of Obama's grape Kool-Aid.

I always considered Mrs. Clinton to be the smarter of the "royal couple." It's unfortunate that she got stuck with Bill. And perhaps just as much so that she is a polarizing force --most people either like her or instantly dismiss her.

Yet those who work on Capitol Hill know that Mrs. Clinton, unlike Obama, really tries to be a hard-working and contributing member of Congress. Conversely, a walk through the ocean of pretty-boy Barack's soul would barely get a toe wet.

If you want a reality check, think of it this way: Would any school board promote a third-year teacher as the next school superintendent?

On top of that is Obama's incredible arrogance and lack of class demonstrated by his failure to acknowledge Mrs. Clinton's stunning victories earlier this week. His utter lack of class and humility is another reason why he's unqualified to be commander-in-chief.

If anything, Obama, should be become the Democrats' great hope, owes Hillary some thanks because while she rightly questioned his qualifications, her zingers will seem like love taps compared to what the Republicans will throw at him.

I truly don't want Hillary Rodham Clinton as commander-in-chief but Obama is so unqualified that the thought of him in that position is scary -- as well it should be.

If you need any more convincing, I suggest this. Listen to a few Obama speeches (the cookie cutter ones that sound alike and, when you get past the inspiration part, have no real substance) and then listen to Brett Favre's retirement news conference. Listen to Favre's sincerity as he spoke from the heart and compare what he said and how he said it with Obama's drivel. Seriously, Brett Favre is more qualified to be president.

But there are the blind followers who will drink this stuff up and provide great testament to the dumbing down of America. How any rational person could vote for Obama is utterly incredible.

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