Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A dirtbag's faux pas

As I was shopping last night I was accosted by one of our citizens who apparently is bent on serving a life sentence on the installment plan.

"I did my 69 days in jail standing on my head," said the man, whom I didn't recognize.

"69 days?," I said.

"That's an odd number. How'd you wind up doing that?"

"The judge sentenced me to 90 days," the creature replied.

"Oh, that's very interesting." I said.

"I'm glad you did them standing on your head because somebody goofed," I added.

"With your 25% good time credit, you were only supposed to serve 68 days, so you got screwed out of a day."

There are many weary days when I go home exhausted but retain comfort in the thought that I'm going home and they're wearing orange.

1 comment:

Hot Head said...

Dick, a legal question; If our "bad boy" can do 90 days standing on his head, is it to late for the Judge to give him another 90 days to get him back on his feet?