Sunday, March 16, 2008

Attack on Moran a cheap shot

Five weeks later an anonymous poster commented on my assessment of whether Pat Moran, the former Kenosha mayor who wants his old job back, is truly an effective and honest advocate for public safety.

The poster raises several questions about Moran, the most disturbing one about the failure of Moran's business. It's probably a good idea to clear the air.

After he left office in 1992 Moran opened up Little Professor Book Center (later known as Southport Book Center) near the Target store in the Southport Plaza Shopping Center.

Moran's store gave Kenosha its first full-service bookstore in decades. Unfortunately, as an independent bookstore, Moran couldn't compete when Barnes and Noble opened up in Racine. It was not for lack of trying. At one point Moran even opened up a cafe in th rear of his store but like so many independent booksellers the competition from the major national chains was too strong.

That's not to say that Moran shouldn't be scruitinized for his past record as mayor and his curiously vague promotion of "A New Direction" as his campaign mantra or for any special interests who may be supporting him. Have at it and he sure deserves it but to kick the guy when he tried to do something good is a bum rap.

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