Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Way to go, Huckabee!

Congratulationbs to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for winning today's West Virginia Republican caucus vote.

The reason this is so sweet is that just a couple of days ago Mitt Romney was virtually demanding that Huckabee drop out of the race (ostensibly to leave Romney the only GOP challenger to John McCain).

Huckabee wisely didn't take the bait -- nor shoud he.

Romney's tactics -- and those of like ilk -- essentially urinate on the grave of Ronald Reagan who pushed for a more inclusive party.

How soon they forgot "I am paying for this microphone!"

"I thought it had been unfair to exclude the other candidates from the
debate. Most of them were also campaigning in New Hampshire that weekend, and
since we were now sponsoring and paying for it, I decided to invite them to join
the debate. Four of the other candidates - Bob Dole, Howard Baker, John
Anderson, and Phil Crane (John Connally was campaigning elsewhere) - accepted.
When we walked on to a platform set up for the debate at the Nashua High School
gymnasium Saturday night, there was one table, two chairs, and six candidates.
When he spotted the four other candidates, Jim Baker, George Bush's campaign
manager, protested and said George would not participate in the debate as long
as they were part of it. Since I had invited them, I couldn't go along with him
and exclude the other candidates, so we were at an awkward impasse. George just
sat frozen in his chair, not saying anything; I sat in the other chair with the
four other candidates standing behind me, looking embarrassed in front of two or
three thousand people while being literally told they had to leave.

Unable to understand what was going on, the audience hooted and
hollered an urged us to proceed. I decided I should explain to the crowd what
the delay was all about and started to speak. As I did, an editor of the Nashua
newspaper shouted to the sound man, "Turn Mr. Reagan's microphone off." Well, I
didn't like that - we were paying the freight for the debate and he was acting
as if his newspaper was still sponsoring it. I turned to him, with the
microphone still on, and said the first thing that came to my mind: "I am paying
for this microphone, Mr. Breen." Well, for some reason my words hit the
audience, whose emotions were already worked up, like a sledgehammer. The crowd
roared and just went wild. I may have won the debate, the primary - and the
nomination - right there. " -- Ronald Reagan

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