Sunday, February 10, 2008

Want to save taxpayer dollars? Dump the mayor and trim the bloated city council.

The current campaign for mayor in Kenosha suggests that it's high time the city scrapped the mayor-council form of government and go back to the council-manager form that was abandoned 50 years ago. (The switch to a city manager was made in the 1920's.)

More than half of the nation's cities over 10,000 population employ the city manager form of government.

City managers are hired professionals -- municipal CEO's -- instead of whoever is left standing after a political battle. City council's in manager communities tend to be smaller and focused on the overall good of the community.

With all the talk of city priorities -- like improving public safety -- it's amazing that none of the six candidates for mayor and the minions of aldermanic hopefuls haven't suggested saving taxpayer dollars by scrapping the mayor and downsizing the city council.

Of course they won't. They're politicians and the number one rule of politics is to protect your own hide.

That's too bad because the same people who bellyache over municipal spending have clearly overlooked one alternative that deserves a fair shot.

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