Monday, February 18, 2008

Rock (salt) on, Pleasant Prairie!

Pleasant Prairie administrator Mike Pollocoff made an excellent presentation at tonight's village board meeting about the economics of snow plowing and ice control, the bottom line being prudence and stewardship will likely get the village through the winter without having to seriously sacrafice public safety or the quality of the village's response to winter weather.

The village right now can stockpile 7,000 tons of salt and was able to meet this year's burden by leftover salt from previous winters that were much milder and by buying 2,000 tons this year on the state bid with an option for another 500 tons in reserve.

With luck, the village will not have to dangerously curtail its response to ice and snow. The performance of village crews even drew applause from critic-in-residence Alex Tiahnybok.

Pollocoff's presentation put the situation in easily understood perspective and correctly assessed the village's responsibilities vs. the City of Kenosha's response that people will need to be "more patient" and put up with significantly reduced ice control.

I've said it before and will say it again: When the village retires its old 1988 snow plow later this year, it should be given to the city as a gift -- complete with instructions on how to use it.


Village People said...

Here's an e-mail I received today:

Good Afternoon,

I have some great news.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie has agreed to come and salt our car rider drop off/pick up lanes this afternoon.

Since the school district is out of salt currently, I am excited that the Village is doing this good deed. As you know, the lot is very icy and slippery. Hopefully, this will make a big difference.

Just wanted you to know how the Village is supporting Prairie Lane.


David Newman

PleasantPrairieWI said...

I was applauding, and interestingly since it was me that was applauding, the usual applauders all just kind of froze and wondered what to do next. Even Kumorkiewicz -- the applauder and praiser in chief was befuddled.
Too bad that I ruined the moment isn't it?

chrissy said...

I voted for Tiahnybok but thank goodness he lost. The guy seems to have an ego the size of this winter's snowfall.

Anonymous said...

Yes Alex, as usual, you have found a way to make it all about you instead of the subject at hand. We all know you believe that the subject is not important, its what "Alex" thinks about it.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Good Morning to all,

Chrissy sorry to have disappointed you, but I think there's a fine line between ego and confidence. Somebody that waits for someone else to act first cannot represent your interests and only plays follow the leader. That's the difference, and that's not what you get from me. It's risky business, but what good does sitting on the fence and waiting for the wind to blow do?

To anonymous, I did not bring up the fact that I applauded. The author of this blog did. I simply made my comments on how strange it was that since I started the applauding no one else did, in the Village of Pleasant Prairie in regards to its successful snow removal efforts -- don't you find that strange and hard to explain?

Dick, thanks for publishing these comments, and I hope these folks will continue commenting on your and my blogs.

RAG said...

I also applauded.