Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama: Sleaze at any speed

Barack Obama's meteroic rise from rookie senator to presidential hopeful is like a made for TV movie -- perhaps just what the Democrats were hoping for.

He's a master at stiring up people with his rousing speeches but why is it that the media fails to hold this fraud accountable?

Here's just one example.

Obama is tugging at our heart strings by using his mother's death at the age of 53 for his political advantage, saying that in her last days she worried more about how she would pay for medical care than on anything else.

Yes, it's a sad story and he has my sympathy. But that stops quickly when Obama follows this with the "I have a plan to fix this which I'll try if you elect me."

Whoa, Nellie!

In case you don't know it, Obama is one of 100 members of the United States Senate, the most exclusive club in the nation. He's been there since January 4, 2005 and yet he never introduced any legislation incorporating this "plan." Ditto for the eight years he spent as a state legislator in Illinois.

So Obama is just another sack of poop as far as I'm concerned -- using his mother's death to forward his fraudulent agenda. Barack, baby, you are one of 100 senators. If your health care plan is so good, you don't have to wait. You can introduce the legislation now.


Anonymous said...

Obama was up in Racine last night giving his usual stump speech, attacking Washington, health care spending, jobs to China, etc. But nobody ever asked him what he's done about it. What are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

It's Politics! You just have to be a politician to get elected, not that you have to be able to really do anything. Just look locally for that and it feeds right up the chain!

Real Debate said...

I talked to Brian Fraley about this last Saturday, he put it well.

He said, "I have never met a State Senator who was three years away from being ready to be the President."

Anonymous said...

What we don't want is another Bush in office for the next four years. As an Independnet, I am swinging Democratic this time around. They have two Candidates saying the right stuff. The only thing I have objection to is when they refer to Iraq as a War. It is by definition an Occupation. Most of the Press has been very soft on Obama. People want change and they need to feel included. I think they are voting with their emotions instead of their heads.

PleasantPrairieWI said...


You used the words "Whoa Nellie".. I thought I was the only person who uses "Whoa Nellie".

3 things scare me -- Osama, Obama, and mymomma.

I agree on all points. This is class-warfare at its worst. I am amazed that a politician can now say, "I will raise taxes" and get away with it. It used to be the political 3rd rail to say such.

I hope the American people wake up, but as someone once said, "people get the government they deserve".

RAG said...

If you don't want another Bush, you don't want Obama. We've had 16 years of inexperienced presidents.