Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney finds class

Mitt Romney suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, a campaign noted for his trying to reinvent himself as a right-wing candidate and peppered with acid shots at John McCain.

The sudden darling of the Republican right stunned supporters with the announcement which was delivered with considerable class. It was precisely the tone Romney should have taken throughout his campaign.

If McCain should become the GOP nominee -- still an "if" at this point -- then he'll need a running mate. The Chicago Sun-Times threw Romney's name on the table but the breach between him and McCain may be too wide to heal. The Chicago Tribune thinks Romney would be a good Secretary of the Treasury. The Trib may have a point.

My dream choice for the second spot is Elizabeth Dole. She's competent -- a United States senator, former cabinet secretary in two administrations and former president of the American Red Cross. Most people like her and polarization isn't an issue. Plus she's from the south.

That diversity and balance could be a key to a GOP victory in November.

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