Saturday, February 16, 2008

KRM: Blame Moran?

The blame for the KRM mess can be laid directly on Kenosha's former mayor, Pat Moran, who is trying to get back the job he walked away from more than 16 years ago.

Moran was mayor when Dairyland Greyhound Park opened amidst a slew of unfulfilled promised aimed at getting the track license, one of which was building an Amtrak station that would have added high-speed rail access and obviated the later need for KRM.

But Moran never held Dairyland's feet to the fire on that promise. And today?

"We need to enhance the trains here," Moran said. "I think the critical piece we're missing in the city is transportation. Some kind of regional system has to be established."

And that need didn't exist when he was mayor? Yeah, right.

But it gets worse.

"I would support the system, but I think it has to be done through the sales tax," Moran said. That means Moran wants US to pay more taxes! On top of that, Kenosha could have had an Amtrak station had he forced Dairyland to keep its promise.

Moran apparently wants voters to forget about his past tenure as mayor and many aren't old enough to remember much about it. But the Kenosha News has a library and its reporters and editors ought to use it.


auntie raman said...

Of course Moran is cheesy.

He says he walked away from being mayor because Merkt's Cheese needed him.

OK, people, he ran for mayor, holding himself out to the voters on the theory that the CITY needed him.

Then he walked away.

That's cheesy no matter how you look at it.

RAG said...

What's difficult for me is that I like Pat but he hasn't shown one reason that he should be returned to office.