Monday, February 4, 2008

It's also about character

No secret here that I believe John McCain is the best choice in the running for the presidency. Also no secret that he may not be everyone's perfect choice but at the end of the day the best one.

That doesn't mean that others may not have something to offer and so I have been long interested in Mitt Romney's campaign (knowing his father could have something to do with that).

At another time and other other circumstances I think Romney would be an interesting candidate but right now I not only question his qualifications but his character.

I concede Romney may be better versed in economics than McCain and that point is recognized by many who support McCain. But there are other issues and Romney could still be an important contrubutor should he not be elected president.

A visit to Romney's website left me queasy about his unstoppable character assassination and distortion of John McCain's positions and record. That's politics, to be sure, but McCain has kept closer to Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment.

One of the most troubling things, tho, is candor. Both candidates tout endorsements on their respective web sites but McCain's includes the less than favorable published assessments as well while Romney's deletes them.

That openness and humility speaks volumes about McCain's character.